Basic Brake & WABCO Diagnostic Training

Transpecs basic WABCO training is a training program offered by Transpecs that focuses on the basics of WABCO braking systems.

WABCO is a leading global supplier of braking systems and other safety technologies for commercial vehicles. Their products include air brakes, hydraulic brakes, and electronic braking systems, among others.

The Transpecs Basic Brake & WABCO Diagnostic Training Program focuses on WABCO trailer braking systems such as the operation and maintenance of air brakes, the diagnosis and repair of common braking system problems, and the use of diagnostic tools and equipment. This course will enhance knowledge of basic brake systems and diagnostic techniques.

WABCO Training Schedule

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  • Basic computer usage skills / Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)


  • To provide a basic understanding of trailer braking systems & diagnostic techniques.
  • To identify potential candidates who demonstrate sound technical ability.
  • Advance technical competence in trailer electronic control systems.


To book a place on either of these courses, simply email or call on (09) 909 8340.


WABCO Diagnostics Training


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