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Intelligent Trailer Program

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The WABCO Intelligent Trailer Program is a technology that has a vast range of safety and operational benefits for heavy trucks and trailers. It combines the very best in EBS (electronic brake system) to optimise trailer performance whilst maintaining control & stability under all operating conditions.

The 'intelligent' nature of the system utilises integrated sensors that constantly monitor the dynamic driving condition, this includes trailer speed, mass, situation or environment. If an instance of potential rollover is detected, the trailer EBS will automatically intervene and apply the trailer brakes. Reducing vehicle speed significantly reduces the risks associated with high lateral acceleration.

The WABCO Intelligent Trailer has many other features, many of them customisable to the specific working environments of the vehicles. For instance WABCO's reverse monitoring system TailGuard' is a major safety enhancement for vehicles operating in the public domain or tight confined logistics environments. WABCO's Trailer Remote control is another example of providing a safer working environment for the vehicle operator. The system also includes reporting functions to assist with driver behaviour & development.

Our objective is to deliver safety through a world-class generation of drivers complemented by the very best technology.


Video - TR Master Drive Services

Gough Transpecs has partnered with TR Master Drive Services’ to deliver Heavy Vehicle Stability & Control Driver training.

A large aspect of the course focuses on the WABCO Intelligent Trailer technology. Check out this short preview video ...