Transport Equipment Solutions

Transport Equipment Solutions

Original Equipment Sales & Support

Parts & Service Network

Transpecs provides a diverse range of quality ancillary equipment, with products sourced from their global supplier network.

Transpecs is actively involved with their supply partners in Europe, America and Asia, continually developing products that are uniquely designed and manufactured with New Zealand operating conditions in mind.

Transpecs provides industry-leading accessibility to spare parts and support through their national service network of distributors. So no matter what region of New Zealand you may operate in, there is full parts back up & advice when-ever and where-ever you need it.

Veeder-Root Hubodometers

Transport Equipment Solutions

Veeder-Root hubodometers are used to record distance or area covered by rolling stock, primarily commercial Over-The-Road trailers, large buses and agricultural equipment.

They record every revolution in either direction. The design uses a counterbalance to prevent orbiting (which could stop measurement or undercount the distance) ensuring accurate counts at high speeds or rough terrain.


Lelox Alloy & Stainless Mudguard Products


Lelox offers a full range of premium quality quarter, single, half tandem and tandem stainless steel mudguards. Lelox equipment has established a reputation for strength and robustness while delivering an appealing and professional look for drivers and fleet operators.                                   


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