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May 1, 2023 2:19 am

Waimauku School on The Project NZ

When floods ravage an area, it can be a struggle to try and get back on your feet. This was the case for Waimauku School which had a particularly tough month dealing with the aftermath of the flooding.

The students got a surprise when they received a donation of Little Trucker Magazines from Transpecs. This generous donation was made to help inspire the next generation of truckers, and the students were absolutely delighted.

Little Trucker Downunder is a kid’s truck magazine launched in December 2021 with pages of pictures, short stories, competitions, puzzles and colouring pages aimed at younger readers with an interest in trucks and transport.

Kaidan Clarke is a Brake Specialist at Transpecs, and he has been featured in the Little Trucker magazine. He describes how he got into the job and what he loves most about it. Kaidan found his passion for trucks when he was young and has been working in the industry ever since. He loves being able to help people keep their trucks safe on the road and enjoys seeing how happy his customers are with his work.

We have found donating magazines to primary schools can have several benefits for both the students and the school community. A couple of benefits is that it encourages reading with colourful and engaging content that can capture their interest and inspire them to read more. The range of diverse content covers a wide range of trucking content such as interviews, articles, puzzles etc. We help expose students to different subjects and interests they may not have otherwise explored in trucks and transport. It has also helped us become more involved with our community and provide support for schools. It shows our students that we care about their education and want to help provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

As we continue to donate the magazines to schools around the country, we look forward to hearing more stories about how The Little Trucker Magazine has made a positive impact in our students learning. Our donation to Waimauku School was featured in The Project NZ.