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Discover the Advantages of SAF INTRADISC Plus Integral Brakes

May 13, 2024 10:16 am

In the competitive world of transport and logistics, efficiency and longevity are key to staying ahead. SAF INTRADISC plus INTEGRAL truck brakes, with their unique and innovative design, offer a proven solution that enhances braking performance while reducing maintenance costs. Let’s delve into what makes these brakes an exceptional choice for your trailer.


Unlike conventional brake discs, the SAF INTRADISC plus INTEGRAL is a two-piece brake disc, designed with longevity and efficiency in mind. The special design principle extends the lifespan of both the brake pads and discs, keeping your trailer on the road longer and reducing overall maintenance costs.


A Unique Design for Maximum Efficiency

SAF-HOLLAND, a leader in commercial vehicle components, holds the patent for the INTEGRAL disc. The disc is ingeniously cast onto a splined adapter ring, allowing for radial expansion and contraction during temperature changes. This composite casting design prevents hot spots or distortion, common issues with conventional brake discs. As a result, the braking surfaces remain perfectly flat in all operating conditions, ensuring longer-lasting discs and pads.

The Benefits of SAF INTRADISC Plus INTEGRAL Brakes

1. Reduced Heat Transfer
These brakes feature significantly lower heat transfer between the disc and the wheel hub, measurably reducing wear and tear on braking components.

2. Improved Heat Dissipation
With 100% more heat-dissipating surface than traditional brake discs, SAF INTRADISC plus INTEGRAL brakes ensure efficient cooling.

3. Enhanced Ventilation
The brakes offer 60% more ventilation compared to conventional discs, thanks to 10 conical ventilation channels.


The Bottom Line

SAF INTRADISC plus INTEGRAL brakes offer a remarkable combination of durability, efficiency, and innovation. By choosing these brakes, you’re investing in a globally proven solution that not only enhances your trailer’s performance but also reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

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