2 March 2020

SAF Tire Pilot - Permanently Reduce Costs

Permanently reduce operating costs with Tire Pilot, available with SAF axles for NEW trailer builds.

All fleet operators know the two biggest cost drivers in their fleet: fuel consumption and tyre wear. If you want to run your business profitably and economically on an ongoing basis, you have to be aware of the direct correlation between these two factors.

The only way to minimise wear and significantly reduce fuel consumption is by permanently monitoring and consistently maintaining the correct tyre pressure. Which is why SAF-HOLLAND has developed the SAF TIRE PILOT, an intelligent assistant for you and your fleet.

SAF Tire Pilot is only available with new axles, and is not available for retro-fit.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • monitors the tyre pressure permanently and reliably
  • tops up the tyre pressure independently, maintains the minimum pressure in case of puncture damage
  • warns the driver if the pressure drops too low
  • reduces tyre wear
  • responds to a pressure deviation of just 0.2 bar, which makes it more precise than commercial tyre pressure monitoring systems
  • saves fuel
  • reduces the risk of failure