26 July 2017

SAF Hercules Landing Legs

Transpecs are launching a new landing gear series called the SAF ‘HERCULES’ to the New Zealand market.

Hercules landing legs are designed for a comprehensive range of applications including curtain siders, refrigerated vehicles, tankers and silo trailers, as well as tippers and sliding floor trailers, low-loaders and heavy-duty transporters. The focus during its development was on ensuring ease of use, as well as stability and a low weight.

This new landing leg set will be replacing ATLAS24 series landing legs. Although Hercules landing sets will be available in 5 travel lengths 510, 460, 410, 400 & 350mm, we will only be stocking 350mm and 460mm travel. However other travel lengths can be ordered.

LGHG/0 80-46 (460mm travel) will be the direct replacement for ATLAS 24series. LGHG/0 65-35 (350mm travel) will be suitable for B-Train requirements. The 350mm travel length option is totally new to our range.


  • Compensating feet standard factory fit
  • 3 years maintenance free
  • 3 years warranty

A great feature is the continuous backplane which allows a convenient range of mounting options. This makes it easier to fit to the vehicle frame, and allows for the replacement of the most common types of landing gear currently at work in the industry.

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