1 September 2016

Partnering for Enhanced Driver Training

Around a third of heavy vehicle crashes in New Zealand involve a rollover.

More than half of these involve truck-trailers.

With this in mind, TR Master Drive Services in partnership with Transpecs have launched a new Driver Training Programme to support the industry in addressing this issue.

An August media launch event at Hampton Downs provided an insight into the new ‘Roll Prevention Heavy Vehicle Stability & Control Driver Training Programme’ which is now available nationally.

"All drivers of a rigid truck/full trailer combination in any application should take the course to experience how easily a roll over can occur and then learn the skills to avoid it happening" says TR Master Drive Services' Neil Bretherton.

“The programme has an emphasis on improved safety for the transport industry and other road users, increased awareness of Intelligent Trailer technology, real hands on 'live drive' experience, and vehicle stability and dynamics. Members of the highly-regarded Transpecs brake team will be participating in the programme to make it truly cutting-edge.”
"We've partnered with Gough Transpecs to evolve these courses to be both technologically current and highly relevant to the modern driving professional" said Neil.

TR Master Drive Services has New Zealand's only heavy commercial training vehicle designed specifically to address the causes of roll-overs and help reduce the risk for drivers and all road users.

The Stability Demonstration Trailer is the flagship training tool for TR Master Drive Services and represents a significant investment and asset for the New Zealand road transport industry. The trailer features the very latest technology provided by Gough Transpecs. This includes leading brands' SAF axles and suspensions, Alcoa forged alloy wheels and WABCO trailer EBS braking system and Intelligent Trailer Program.

The focus is on both a technical and practical appreciation of this leading-edge technology says Transpecs braking manager John Hirst.

The 'tanker' format of the Stability Demonstration Trailer was chosen as the best method for demonstrating shifting on-board load weights, but the technology nevertheless applies across all trailer formats" says John.

"As New Zealand's representative for WABCO and also commercial braking specialists, this course allows us to share our knowledge and support the driver's at the coal face of the industry" said John.

"Like any technology, it is the combination with the human element, in this case the driver, where the full safety benefits are realised. In these courses we deliver both the 'classroom' theory and an 'on-track' practical experience which has been hugely successful in driving this kind of driver development" says John.

"At TR Master Drive Services we are committed to ensuring we are creating measurable change through world class driver training. This new course reinforces that commitment" says Neil.

“Rotating around major racetracks nationally, TR Master Drive Services are committed to making the course accessible to drivers from the north to the deep south”.

With 11 training centres nationwide TR Master Drive Services is New Zealand's leading driver training company, offering a number of courses across a wide range of vehicles. Their accredited trainers have over 20 years of experience with their focus on providing highly-practical training to deliver safer, more efficient and compliant driving professionals.

About the WABCO Intelligent Trailer Program

The WABCO Intelligent Trailer Program is a technology that has a vast range of safety and operational benefits. It combines the very best in EBS (electronic brake system) to optimise trailer performance whilst maintaining control & stability under all operating conditions, says John Hirst.

"The 'intelligent' nature of the system utilises integrated sensors that constantly monitor the dynamic driving condition, this includes trailer speed, mass, situation or environment. If an instance of potential rollover is detected, the trailer EBS will automatically intervene and apply the trailer brakes. Reducing vehicle speed significantly reduces the risks associated with high lateral acceleration".

“During the 'on-track' training session the drivers can experience the technology both switched-on and off. Firstly they experience a roll-over event which is prevented by the special out-riggers on the demonstration trailer while the technology is 'off.' They then do the same manoeuvre with the technology switched ‘on’ and can see how the system responds to the threat and safely eliminates it”.

“The WABCO Intelligent Trailer Programme has many other features, many of which are customisable to the specific working environments of the vehicle. For instance WABCO's reverse monitoring system TailGuard is a major safety enhancement for vehicles operating in the public domain or tight confined logistics environments. WABCO's Trailer Remote control is another example of providing a safer working environment for the vehicle operator. The system also includes reporting functions to assist with driver behaviour and development”.

"Our objective is to deliver safety through a world-class generation of drivers complemented by the very best technology" says John.

Contact the Gough Transpecs team to find out more about the WABCO Intelligent Trailer Program.

Find out more about TR Master Drive Services online at: www.masterdrive.co.nz

Video - TR Master Drive Services

Gough Transpecs has partnered with TR Master Drive Services’ to deliver Heavy Vehicle Stability & Control Driver training. Check out this short preview video ...