1 April 2017

EXPO Highlights

The early March 2017 Transport & Heavy Equipment EXPO was a great experience for our team.  Thank you to all those who made it to Mystery Creek and were able to visit our stand.

The following is an overview of some of the new innovative products we launched . We look forward to your continued feedback and assisting you with safer and more profitable solutions to enhance your transport business.

WABCO OptiLink

Building on the foundation of WABCO's Intelligent Trailer technology, OptiLink is a new mobile application that monitors and controls safety and efficiency functions on truck-trailer combinations.

Now available on Android smartphone the app is In essence a virtual version of the WABCO SmartBoard. Featuring a smart, modern design, OptiLink allows truck drivers and fleet operators to monitor and control available trailer functions wirelessly from an Android smartphone. It provides easy access to 18 separate trailer functions, controlling suspension, axles, braking and security functions.

OptiLink provides real-time condition monitoring for drivers and fleet operators, delivering fast and easy access to a range of critical trailer data via its simple-to-use graphical interface. It helps to improve safety by allowing a trailer to be controlled from the cab or at a safe distance from the unit, and through a range of automatic alarms tasked to monitor safety-critical parameters and activities.

To find out more contact your local regional sales manager.


The EXPO allowed a preview of 'things to come' with SAF Intra CD TRAK expected availability in late 2017.

The winner of the Trailer Innovation award 2017 provides a hydraulically driven axle, bringing drive to the trailer simply by pressing a button from the cab. TRAK has been specifically developed in the 9-tonne standard range for both on-road and off-road dump trailer and walking-floor applications. The special motor brings drive to the trailer drive-axle carrying the full axle load and is able to transmit complete drive torque. The motor is driven by the Truck's hydraulics and is long-lasting and low maintenance, thereby ensuring an exceptionally long service life.

To find out more contact your local regional sales manager.

Holland ELite Fifth Wheel Assistant

New from Holland, ELI-te assists the driver with LED lights on the fifth wheel to allow for quick recognition of a successful or failed coupling attempt. Drivers no longer need to guess on the success of the couple. ELI-te prevents potential mistakes before they happen.

Flashing red warning LED lights signal a failed coupling attempt and high-intensity white LED lights signal a successful coupling.

The ELI-te (Electronic Lock Indicator - technology enhanced) system is an optional feature for the highly popular FW35 Series of Holland Fifth Wheels and offers a solution for fleets looking to enhance driver coupling efficiency and safety.

To find out more contact your local regional sales manager.

Sirit Composite Fittings

With the official global launch planned for Spring 2017 we were treated to a preview of things to come with the all-new composite fittings flown in from Italy from our partner' SIRIT just a week before the Expo. In pursuit of the latest standards these new hybrid range of fittings incorporate both brass and composite to enhance safety and reduce weight.

The main features and benefits of the new range of fittings is it's versatility and adaptability. Further functions include E-Click, which promotes faster installation times, and S + LOCK, which allows you to have a fixed or swivel fitting by simply removing one small device.

We'll be sure to keep you updated as the range proceeds to launch later in the year.  To find out more contact your local regional sales manager.

Ringfeder 5050 AM/RL - Let the Air do the Work

With Ringfeder's new unique coupling, 5050 AM/RL, you can uncouple your trailer in no time. Quite simply by inserting the coupling's air hose to the trailer air-supply, the air will do the work for you.

The Ringfeder 5050 AM/RL is compatible with all types of air couplings including duomatic, c-coupling and Palm. The advantage of using this coupling system is that all products work together. All parts are developed and manufactured with exceptional demands of quality, reliability, safety and cost effectiveness.

To find out more contact your local regional sales manager.