8 December 2020

Carley's Transport Handover

Carley's Transport Handover

Glen Carley from Carley’s Transport Ltd - Te Kauwhata took delivery of the first unit in NZ earlier in 2020 using SAF’s short trailing arm technology.

This design allowed the SAF ZI9 Intradisc axle which is already well proven in NZ, to have the trailing arm shortened without compromising airbag size or travel to retain the smooth ride and no bouncing from an empty trailer when heading back to the depo to reload.

Carleys Tranport 4

The axle beam and hub also maintains SAF’s 6 year unlimited km Guarantee of Competence with no bearing repack or adjustment required. The trailer was designed and built by Matt and the team at Transfleet Trailers in Auckland.

Along with the SAF ZI9 Intradisc axles incorporating the SAF tyre pilot (tyre inflation system), the trailer is also running a Wabco EBS Brake system, Edbro rams in the truck and trailer, OMFB hydraulic controls and Alcoa alloy wheels.

Carleys Tranport 5

The truck and trailer are coupled by a 5050BNZ Ringfeder designed specifically for NZ conditions. All these components were supplied to Transfleet by Transpecs.

Carleys Tranport 6